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VERDE Extra virgin olive oil. Light fruity, light bitter and medium peppery. Total of 3 liters.

ORTICE Monovariety Extra virgin olive oil. Intense fruity, bitter and peppery. Total of 1,5 liters.

GRANDE. 4,5 Liters

kr2 025,00Price
1 Liter
  • AROMA & TASTE: VERDE: Hints of almonds and apples. ORTICE:  Hints of tomatoes and artichokes.

    USE: VERDE: Great all rounder. It can be used to make sauces, for roasting, baking and shallow frying. Works well with white meat, salads, boiled and steamed vegetables. ORTICE: Perfect for drizzling and dipping on bread and focaccia. Add a finishing flourish to soups, rucola salad, great on poultry and game.

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